Board of Directors

President/Founder: Matuh Ntumngia Awunti

Matuh has been a Registered Nurse for over 12 years. She's a dedicated healthcare provider who believes that raising awareness and educating the public about managing and preventing diseases is the key to a healthier world.

Health Director in Cameroon: Charles Penn

Charles Penn is a Registered Nurse in Cameroon. He's in charge of all activities on the ground.

Secretary: Rawlings Akondi

Rawlings Akondi is a PhD Candidate of Geology at the West Virginia University in Morgantown. His leadership experience spans over 10 years in numerous capacities including both student government and Christian leadership in his home country, Cameroon and the United States of America.

Event Director: Mangwi Fon

Mangwi has served as Student Government Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer at Truman College in Chicago Illinois. 

Volunteer Coordinator: Andy Nwancha

Andy is a senior biology major at Moorehouse College. Andy plans on becoming a cardiologist with an emphasis on practicing medicine in underserved communities.